How Do I Keep My Dog’s Bones Healthy?

It is crucial for all dogs, especially enormous breeds such as Great Danes, to keep their bones healthy. When a dog has arthritis, the first place that aches are often its bones.

If your dog is constantly having problems with this, there are some things you can do to make sure that they are having safe exercise and eating healthy foods.

First, if your dog is lying around all the time because their bones hurt, you need to make sure that they are getting exercise. The best thing for large breed bones is swimming, although you may have to take care not to over-exert them.

Since your dog’s nutritional needs change as they age, you should regularly check with your vet about their appropriate diet. 

If you’re looking for a dog food high in calcium, look no further than a bone meal, and this is a cheap and effective source of calcium to add to your pup’s diet.

Best Foods For Dogs Bone Health

Bone meal is not something you should ever feed to your dog as their primary source of nutrition, but it can undoubtedly supplement some of the things that they are missing. Bone meal also provides other minerals and nutrients to your dog, making it an excellent additive to their diet plan.

A great way to add bone meal is homemade dog food such as dog cookies or dog treats. You can add it to any food that you make for your pup at home, and they’ll love the taste!

Before feeding your dog a bone meal, make sure that it’s safe for your dog. The digestive system may become clogged if they overeat bone meals at once. Please don’t feed your puppy more than two tablespoons of bone meal per 10lbs of their body weight.

The next time your four-legged friend needs a little extra calcium, try a bone meal!


Yogurts are one of the healthiest foods for bones – it contains the necessary nutrients for keeping your dog’s bones healthy and strong. It is composed of micronutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, ferrous, and magnesium. When processed correctly, yogurt can contain all these minerals. Yogurt also is suitable for your dog’s digestion, heart, and weight.

Yogurt is a popular food for dogs because it contains beneficial probiotics and natural calcium that help strengthen your dog’s bones. For dog urinary tract infections, yogurt is a standard go-to remedy. It is also a safe and healthy treat for your dog to eat, but you should not feed your dog too much yogurt because it is high in sugar.

Yogurt just contains all the essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals your dog needs.


Bone health is mostly based on genetics, but there are some things that you can do which will help your dog out. Feeding them good food, giving them the right exercise regimen, and providing a source of natural calcium will all go a long way to making sure that your dog’s bones are as healthy as they can be.

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